Monday, November 18, 2013

Hiking and History

Come and join us on a hike through history!

Our family took a lovely nature hike over the weekend. We live in the South (USA) where there are many Civil War Battlefields that have been marked for historic purposes. One such battlefield is not too far from our home and is inside of a State Park.

The park offers wonderful hiking trails alongside a creek. As you hike the trail you pass by the ruins of an old textile mill that was burned during the Civil War. There is also a nice building that house items that were found in this are as well as items pertaining to Civil War times.

First we stopped by the building! The kids really enjoyed it. T(7) loved the guns, swords and relics that were left behind. B(22mo) loved the live animals, turtles and snakes.

This is a petroglyph, a form of writing/drawing on a stone. A intro to the 4th Great Lesson perhaps.

Buttons and a breastplate, Arrowheads, Locks and keys, Pieces of pottery, A hand formed brick and burnt pieces of thread and wood from the burnt mill.

Gears from the mill

Civil War dress and weaponry

Civil War swords and revolvers.
After we were done looking indoors we started our hike. The weather in our area is perfect for hiking right now. We often have very hot summers but fall and winter are wonderful for being outdoors.

Beautiful Autumn Colors

About a mile into our hike we came to the ruins of the old textile mill. We spent a while looking, T was very interested.

We continued on our hike through the woods admiring nature's glory.

I believe this is a Great Blue Heron in the creek

We took a close look at some Fungi

T loved this giant leaf

B (22mo) rode on Daddy's back in a carrier most of the time but she did get out and walk when we were on flat ground.

T loves hunting for shells.

More Fungi. We had a ton of beautiful Fungi this summer but we didn't get a chance to take pictures so we snapped a few shots this time.

This is my favorite time of year!

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