Tuesday, October 15, 2013

World Landmark 3 Part Cards - Free Download

One of our favorite Montessori inspired activities is 3 part cards with matching Safari Ltd miniatures. Last year, I found a free download for the Around the World Toob from Safari Ltd at Montessori Tidbits. I immediately went out and bought the corresponding Toob. The Around the World Toob set includes 10 miniature landmarks from around the world. The 3 part cards show an actual photo of the landmark, the name, country and continent. If you would like to get a copy of the cards that go with that set please visit Montessori Tidbits (now known as handsonhomeschooler.com).

About a month ago I was at Hobby Lobby with my family. I always check out the Safari Ltd animals hoping to find a good deal. I spotted this brand new Toob set called World Landmarks. The miniatures are just as gorgeous as those in the previous set but there are only 7 landmarks in this set. I purchased this set using a 50% off coupon. Hobby Lobby and Michael's craft stores both carry these Toobs and both offer 40-50% off coupons on a regular basis. Honestly, I think they are worth full price but a deal is always welcome. I checked back at Montessori Tidbits, but I didn't see a new set of cards to match this set, so I decided to make them myself. I would like to share this printable with all of my readers.

If you would like to purchase a World Landmarks Toob online or would just like to get a closer look please follow this link.
World Landmark Toob

The World Landmark Toob includes 7 miniature landmarks from around the world including the Sphinx, Colosseum, Buddha of Lantau, Stonehenge, Great Wall of China, Moai Easter Island and Mount Rushmore.

The printable download includes a single image for each landmark. There is an image of the actual landmark, name, country and continent. There are 7 cards on 2 pages. Each page must be printed two times. One set of cards remains as is, the second set will be separated on the line to form an image card and a label card.

The child can first use the full cards to match to the landmark miniatures. Younger children will stay at this stage for a while. B (21mo) has started to enjoy matching games so she will begin with these. It will be a while before she will be reading so matching with the 3 parts will be later. T (7yr) can do the entire 3 part card sequence. In the future I plan to add definition cards to accompany these cards.

 When I made this set of cards I tried to stay close to the same size as the Around the World set from Montessori Tidbits. They are not the exact same size and mine have a much thinner border (I prefer a thinner border). I think they look great together. T enjoyed matching the set of 7 new World Landmarks set to our cards and then he pulled out our Around the World set and set up all 17 landmarks.

I am happy to share this set of 3 part cards with my readers. I do ask that you use this for personal/school use only. Do not sell, upload or transfer this file privately. If you would like to share this file please direct others to this post where they can download it themselves. 

Click the link below for your free download

World Landmark 3 Part Cards
Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in any way with Safari Ltd. I purchased these miniature landmark sets myself and received no compensation for this review. All images used in my 3 part cards were obtained from wiki commons under open content licenses.


  1. Thank you! Can't wait to use these! I did have trouble downloading the file from Montessori Tidbits unfortunately. The error message said the file had been deleted. Any ideas? I would still really like to get this.

    1. Hi April,
      I am happy that you like my cards. I'm sorry that the link to the other cards is not working. I have sent an email to LeAnn at Montessori Tidbits to let her know about the problem. Hopefully we can get that file working again.

    2. The link has been updated and now works.
      THANKS LEANN at her new home http://handsonhomeschooler.com

      And Thanks April for letting me know about the broken link

    3. Just noticed. Now the download worked. Thanks for fixing it! I will definitely use these!

  2. Thanks for putting this together! I just found these tubes and purchased them then printed your 3 part cards for the world landmarks. Great resource! Do you also have a download for the around the world set?