Wednesday, October 2, 2013

DYI Volcano Model

This one was almost all done by the kids. I made a model last year for the first Great Lesson but it got ruined in our move so we needed a new one. Last year I made it without telling my son about it because I did the lesson as a surprise. He was disappointed that he didn't get to help make the volcano, so he got to make it this year.

Volcano models can be made out of so many different materials. You can make the entire thing out of clay or salt dough, but I thought this was a bit of an expensive option. We went with paper mache.
First the kids had a blast ripping paper. We used an old phone book because I saved it for crafts. It is the same material as newsprint.

The center of the volcano was made with a bottle (we happened to have one of Daddy's beer bottles on hand so that is what we used).

We crumpled up some thick brown packing paper and made the volcano shape which was secured with masking tape.

The paste was made with flour and water. I just put about a cup of flour in the bowl and added water and mixed until it was a thin paste. Then each strip of paper was dipped into the paste, the excess wiped off and placed on the volcano.

B got bored with ripping paper and started playing with her little toys while she watched big brother build his model.

T's finished volcano! 
It's still wet in this photo and he decided that he didn't want it painted. I even offered to paint it but he really just wants it to stay like this.

Stay tuned for some action shots of this volcano during our Great Lesson!

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