Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring has Sprung!

We live in Southern USA, the weather is beautiful here right now. We have been enjoying some mid 60-70F days outdoors. Spring has sprung here and it is the perfect time for nature walks.

The three of us enjoyed walking around a local pond and spying the first signs of spring. B pointed out the animals she saw. She also was very excited about all the colors that come about in spring. B is newly two and colors have become her favorite subject of discussion. She has become very accurate with most colors, although different shades do sometimes throw her off. She is really good at matching colors though. I will have a post about this soon, Id like to share some of her work.

T had a little more to work on than B while we were walking. I asked him to just observe while we walked around the first half of the pond. There is a large gazebo halfway around the pond that has a picnic table. He decided to stop at the picnic table to do his work. I asked him to draw a picture of what he observed in his main lesson book. (yes, that is B doing acrobatics on the seat behind him)

I haven't talked about the main lesson book before, because it is not a Montessori material. I took this from Waldorf practices. The main lesson book is used in Waldorf for each subject, it is not unlike the Montessori notebooks in that it is a bound book that you do not tear pages out of. The main lesson book has only 32 pages but they are a nice landscape 32x24cm size. They contain high quality drawing paper and a card stock cover. We only use these books for art, not all of the subjects since the paper is not lined. T also brought along his wooden watercolor board with him to use as a traveling desk. It is just the right size to hold this book and it works great, especially if there are not tables available.

Once he had finished his drawing we went back to our walk. I gave T that camera so that he could take some shots of things he found interesting. Enjoy!

I took B over to the little playground while T explored the water edge. 

Nature walks are one of our favorite parts of homeschooling. It is so wonderful to just be out in nature exploring and learning together.

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